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NGFR (truncated neuron growth factor receptor gene, 276aa vs 427aa of the full length, to eliminate NGFR’s biological function) does not have fluorescence. It needs to be stained by fluorescence-conjugated Ab, e.g., FITC, PE or PE-Cy5 etc. The viral supernatant was produced by co-transfecting 293T cells with a lentiviral vector containing gene of NGFR with two other plasmids which make the lentiviral envelop proteins and VSV-G protein. The viral supernatant was aliquoted and stored at -70OC immediately after purification and concentration.

1. Ready-to-use, just add it to cells. That’s it!
2. Cells are permanent labeled.
3. No lentivirus expertise or troublesome cloning required.
4. ….. Full Doc.

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The item(s) will be 1x10^7TU/mL, 200uL/vial in dry ice package via FedEx overnight delivery in the United States $65.00 per package. International shipping will use the client's FedEx account via International Priority plus $45.00 per dry ice package.

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