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Telomerase, a key component in hTERT, is an enzyme that adds DNA sequence repeats (TTAGGG) to the end of DNA strands in the telomere region. Without this, the cell will become senescent, or die. The viral supernatant was produced by co-transfecting 293T cells with a lentiviral vector containing hTert, RFP and Blasticidin selection marker with two other plasmids which make the lentiviral envelop proteins and VSV-G protein. The viral supernatant was aliquoted and stored at -70OC immediately after purification and concentration.

1. Ready-to-use, just add it to cells. That’s it!
2. Can be used to immortalize primary cells.
3. Cells are permanent labeled.
4. No lentivirus expertise or troublesome cloning required.
5. …. Full Doc.

Lenti-hTERT-RFP: Excitation: 533 nm; Emission: 575 ± 15 nm

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The item(s) will be1x10^7TU/mL, 200uL/vial in dry ice package via FedEx overnight delivery in the United States for $65.00 per package. International shipping will use the client's FedEx account via International Priority plus $45.00 per dry ice package.

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