Lv-miRNA - Cancer related miRNA

Table below contains identified and updated 170 cancer related miRNAs. Each has a link to a website for detailed information. Biogenova team offers Custom Lv-miRNA construct and ready to use high titer viral supernatant production services. Please review and click Insert to custom services page for more selection including GFP, RFP, Neomycin, Puromycin or Hygromycin.

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Catalog ID
Insert to Lv-vector
hu-miR-0001 hsa-let-7a-1 MI0000060
hu-miR-0002 hsa-let-7a-2 MI0000061
hu-miR-0003 hsa-let-7a-3 MI0000062
hu-miR-0004 hsa-let-7b MI0000063
hu-miR-0005 hsa-let-7c MI0000064
hu-miR-0006 hsa-let-7d MI0000065
hu-miR-0007 hsa-let-7e MI0000066
hu-miR-0008 hsa-let-7f-1 MI0000067
hu-miR-0009 hsa-let-7f-2 MI0000068
hu-miR-0010 hsa-let-7g MI0000433
hu-miR-0011 hsa-let-7i MI0000434
hu-miR-0012 hsa-mir-1-1 MI0000651
hu-miR-0014 hsa-mir-7-1 MI0000263
hu-miR-0015 hsa-mir-7-2 MI0000264
hu-miR-0016 hsa-mir-7-3 MI0000265
hu-miR-0017 hsa-mir-9-1 MI0000466
hu-miR-0021 hsa-mir-10b MI0000267
hu-miR-0022 hsa-mir-15a MI0000069
hu-miR-0023 hsa-mir-15b MI0000438
hu-miR-0024 hsa-mir-16-1 MI0000070
hu-miR-0025 hsa-mir-16-2 MI0000115
hu-miR-0026 hsa-mir-17 MI0000071
hu-miR-0026 hsa-mir-125a MI0000469
hu-miR-0027 hsa-mir-18a MI0000072
hu-miR-0027 hsa-mir-125b-1 MI0000446
hu-miR-0028 hsa-mir-125b-2 MI0000470
hu-miR-0029 hsa-mir-19a MI0000073
hu-miR-0030 hsa-mir-19b-1 MI0000074
hu-miR-0031 hsa-mir-19b-2 MI0000075
hu-miR-0032 hsa-mir-20a MI0000076
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