Multi-i Vectors - Custom Multi-i shRNA Vector

Biogenova offers the following services to generate your shENA vectors. You just provide the shRNA targeted sequences (19-21nt) and choose the promoter, fluorescence tracker and selection marker. We will make the constructed plasmids:
1. Single shRBA in one of our multi-i vectors.
2. Multiple shRNAs with separate, either the same or different promoters in one of our multi-i vectors.
3. Single or multiple shRNAs with one gene expression of your choice in one of our multi-i vectors.

Enter shRNA target sequences (19-21nt):Promoter:Tracker:Antibiotics:
     Over 3: Please call for a quote.
  No Tracker
    Turnaround time: 3-4 weeks.
    • Finished plasmid as selected -GFP/RFP or Neo/Puro/Hygro.
    • Two vials (10ug DNA/vial).
    • Sequence/map/protocol related information.
    Special Note:
    1 Sequence:$750.00
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