What are the advantages of Biogenova Lv-miRNA products and services?
• These Lentivirus vectors are well designed and contain multiple combined features.
• The Lv-miRNA products are ready-to-use and high titer >1 x 10^7TU/mL.
• Multiple choices of promoters, trackers and selection markers for a custom construction.

What is called “Ready to Use”?
It means that all you need to do is to add viral supernatant into the cell cultures. That’s it! The viral particles are ready to infect cells, no extra work needed.

What kind of miRNA sequences do you insert in the lentivirus vectors?
The Lv-miRNA clones contain not only the pre-miRNA sequence (the hairpin) but also the flanking genomic sequences on both the 5’ and 3’ ends of the pre-miRNA. The produced primary miRNA will enclose all of the cis-acting signals required for accurate excision of a mature miRNA in vivo.

How to choose the promoters, trackers and selection markers (drugs) in the Lv-vectors?
• The CMV is the most common used DNA polymerase II promoter, and it is stronger than the EF1α promoter. For those who do not want to over saturate the miRNA expression, you may choose the EF1a promoter.
• There is no much difference between the Green Fluorescence Protein (GFP) and Red Fluorescence Protein (RFP) tracker based on the functions. The selection of GFP or RFP tracker is really depending on your needs. Over expression of GFP or RFP might be harmful to your cells. If this is a concern, you may choose no tracker.
• You may choose the proper selection markers depending on your desires. We set the puromycin as a default selection marker since it functions faster than others and further puromycin-resistant stable mammalian cell lines can be generated in less than one week. If one of the selection markers has been existed in the cells you are using, you may consider a different one.

Dose Biogenova also offers the service for generating multiple miRNAs chain (Cluster) in one construct?
Yes. We do.