The custom lenticirus will be generated using our Multi-e LentiV vector series. It will be:

1. Ready-to-use, no lentivirus expert or troublesome cloning required.
2. Far fewer concerns on biosafety issues.
3. Get stable cell lines within three days.green cell-s
4. Applicable in-vivo for transgenic animals.
5. Genes of interest constructed into the latest version (self-inactivating).
6. Viral particles produced in specified packaging cells with optimized protocols.
7. Viral supernatants collected and purified to eliminate potential toxic materials.
8. LV-markers titer 1 X 10^7 TU/mL is based on True fluorescence protein (GFP or RFP) expression detected by a flow cytometer or a fluorescence microscope. This is different from the PCR or ELISA methods used by other companies. Titer detection based on PCR methods can exaggerate the “True” titer of viral supernatant by ~100 folds, > 10^7TU viral particles/mL, highly efficient.

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