Universal Lentivirus Packaging Mix



    1. Universally and efficiently package every lentivirus vector.
    2. Easy to work.
    3. Inexpensive.


Universal Lentiviurs Packaging Mix (U-Mix™) is an optimized formulation of plasmids expressing HIV-1 gag, pol and rev genes, and the VSV-G glycoprotein (VSV-G). It is used to co-transfect with any HIV-1 derived lentiviral vector (2nd and 3rd generation) to produce consistent high-titer lentivirus particles.

U-Mix™ works with all current lentiviral vectors on the market, including ViraPower (Invitrogen), Block-it (Invitrogen), MissionShRNA(Sigma), Lent-X(Clontech), GIPZ Lentiviral ShRNAmir (Open Biosystem), etc.

Ordering Information: Catalog ID: U-Mix, 250uL/vial at $245 for 20 rxn.

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