Multi-i, a pUC based vector family for expressing single or multiple shRNAs. It contains an ampicillin resistant gene (Amp) functional in E. coli. with either a Hygromycin B (Hygro), Puromycine (Puro) or Neomycin (Neo) resistant gene functional in mammalian cells. They can be used to insert a single shRNA for a single gene knocking down or combine multiple shRNAs to target multiple genes or multiple sites of a gene to maximize the knocking-down efficiency. Multi-i uses different promoters to drive shRNA expression in cells for either transient or stable transfection. A CMV promoter has been introduced in some vectors for gene expression replacement.


1. Read-to-use for cloning shRNA.
2. Special designed for multiple shRNA combination.
3. Contains a GFP to track the vector or a CMV promoter for gene replacement.
4. Transient or stable transfection.

See the maps below for the options of multi-i vectors:

multi vector map
multi gfp vector map
multi cmv vector map

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