The Biogenova™ offers Lentivirus based Lv-shRNA with the advantages in silencing longevity, delivery options and cost. The major features of our Lv-shRNA products are expressing multiple shRNAs(siRNA), and one of your desired genes simultaneously in one vector. Our Lv-shRNA constructs co-express GFP or RFP fluorescence tracking protein. Several antibiotic markers can be selected for further selection of transduced cells. The Biogenova™ offers the following services for generating your Lv-shRNA lentivirus.

  1. Generate single shRNA in one of our lv-vectors.
  2. Generate multiple shRNA with separated and different promoters in one of our lv-vectors (maximum 3 shRNAs).
  3. Generate single or multiple shRNA with one gene expression of your choice in one of our lv-vectors.