Ubiq Evaluation

Regulated protein degradation is an essential aspect of cell signaling. Recent evidence that pharmacological inhibition of the proteasome can be efficacious in the treatment of human cancers (Bortezimib, treatment of multiple myeloma) has set the stage for attempts to selectively inhibit the activities of disease-specific components of ubiquitin proteasome system.

logo_forcopy has developed in-house the technology and method of the Ubiquitination Evaluation Platform to further examine the hits scored and prioritized through virtual hit screening system. Custom generated or identified drug leads will also be evaluated. The platform includes the following assays:


  1. E1 thioester assay
  2. E2 thioester assay
  3. E3 auto-ubiquitination assay
  4. E3-mediated substrate ubiquitination assay

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